Bonfante Interior Contractor


We have redefined the concepts of interior design,
product manufacturing and project management
to create a unique and evocative space which tells your story,
and reflects who you are.

Renovations and restorations

The essence of interior architecture and renovation lies in studying the configuration of residential and commercial environments to maintain the supporting structure. Through redistribution of elements and optimisation of the layout, we experiment with volume, colours, shapes and plays of light. In this way we upgrade the existing structure, maximising its potential to create an engaging and exciting design that fits in within its original structural context. Starting from the restoration and renovation of the building, up through to the implementation and maintenance of the technical installations, we develop tailor-made solutions to overcome any architectural barriers that could be negatively affecting the market value of the establishment.

Interior design and interior decoration

Interior design is a discipline that requires creativity and attention to detail. Our approach and design aesthetic focuses on passion, precision and competence. We use computer rendering and technical drawings to guide you through all the design and decorative choices, developing a concept that perfectly combines quality, style and timeless elegance.

We strive to deliver bold and original projects, characterised by a refined style and strong personality, where every piece of furniture is in perfect harmony not only with your vision, taste and requirements, but also with the architectural layout and the location of your space. These are only a few of the factors we take into consideration when we develop a new project, because in interior design, everything counts and nothing can be left to chance.

Interior Contractor

When managing a project, it is important to identify all the relevant stakeholders and to allocate the coordination of the works competently. From the initial planning, to the installation of the technical systems, through to the lighting analysis and all additional finishes, the final outcome is a real synergy of expertise amongst multiple disciplines. Through a co-ordinated and multidisciplinary approach, we place ourselves as single interlocutor for our clients: a strategic ally who is expert in problem-solving and project management. Our objective is to deliver high-tech solutions and a structured environment in-house, helping you to avoid the situations of conflict which can arise when a job is split between a network of professionals, working independently from each other.

Project Management

Free from any stress, you can now focus on the aspects of the project that you enjoy the most, leaving the rest to us. We’ve implemented an integrated design system which allows us to be by your side during every stage of the development process. Through a highly personalised service, we turn your dreams into reality.

Based on your needs and project scope, we handle the entire experience, from concept, to documentation and project management. We offer tailored support and post-service assistance, making sure that the whole team of collaborators, producers and suppliers follow consistent directions and complete the project by the scheduled finish time.

Custom Furniture

Behind all of our furniture pieces there lies creativity, innovation and technique. As the high-end design furniture market is in continuous evolution, we pay particular attention to the technological developments and the prospects of the local and international market. We have over 50 years of experience in carpentry and upholstery and we specialise in unique costume-made furniture that you will not find anywhere else. Our service is not limited to the design and manufacture of the items. We also take care of the transportation, assembly installation and after-sales assistance. This end-to-end solution offers you a complete service for the design and development of elegant and timeless interiors, spaces which evoke the kind of immersive experiences that is hard to forget.

Consultancy and workplace strategy

Our role is eclectic, but strategic. Creating an environment capable of attracting and engaging the desired clientele is one of the most fundamental aspects of interior design for restaurants, offices, hotels and businesses. For this reason, among the many variables to be considered in the configuration of a successful, profitable and sustainable business, it is essential to develop a strong communication.

Through our strategy consulting service, we work with you to create an effective business plan, helping you manage and develop a thriving and successful business concept. It is our mission to analyse and structure your organisation, identify the strengths of your business, and create an environment capable of reflecting the personality of your brand, maximising its potential and exceeding customer expectations.

The maximisation of talents combined with the passion for craftsmanship and the culture of multidisciplinary design allows us to propose tailor-made solutions to create top-quality exclusive design projects.

Do you have a project in mind?

We are here to help you transform your ideas into a tangible reality.