Bonfante Interior Contractor

About Us


We are visionary.
We listen, explore, innovate, and inspire. We convert ideas and passions
into unique and successful designs that bring the
extraordinary to life.

Bonfante is a leading interior design studio. We embrace a collaborative, dynamic and multifunctional approach to meet new challenges with passion, creativity and constant innovation.
With more than 50 years experience in the hospitality, food, and wine industries, as well as office, retail and residential sectors, we have been delivering inspiring interior design solutions, taking care of all the analytical, design and execution phases of the projects.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on interior design projects
for renowned Italian and other international luxury brands.


We believe the requirements and objectives of each project
are as personal and unique as each client. Starting from the analysis of a brand, we plan and develop a meaningful and inclusive design proposal that captures the business identity and enhances its distinctive traits.

2020 – Ostinati
2020 – Hotel madrigale
2020 – Hotel lido
2020 – Hotel garden
2020 – Hotel forte del 48
2020 – Hotel europa
2020 – Venchi
2019 – Hotel milano new
2019 – Peter Brunel ristorante gourmet
2019 – Pastificio Rana
2019 – Hotel Milano & SPA
2018 – Venturini
2018 – Maison Me Boutique Hotel
2018 – La famiglia rana (London Grocer)
2017 – Undici
2017 – Sime vignuda
2017 – Hotel europa
2016 – Verona House Aparthotel & suite
2016 – Pastificio Rana
2016 – Hotel Ristorante Corte Quadri

We are a collective of creatives, artists and strategists who are committed to the same goal. We perceive the diversity within our team as an inestimable source of dynamism and creative thinking.

Matteo Bonfante

Founder & CEO

Diego Daccordo

Operations Manager

Gianni Nosè

Project Manager

Alessandro Passarin

Project Manager

Riccardo Fontanta

Project Manager

Michele Piroli

Project Manager

Andrea Ferrazzini

Product Manager

Margherita Fabris

Interior Designer

Nicola De Paoli


Pierangelo Coraggia

Project Consultant

Nicola Meneghini

Sales Manager

Federica Faccioli

Marketing Communications

Alessandra Righetti

Office Manager

Fabiano Pagliarini

Accounting Manager

Laura Pettene

Customer Service

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